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On 30A, we receive visitors from all over the world, and one question that always gets asked is “What are some local secrets that we should experience?” While there are a countless number of unforgettable activities (many that we have featured in our blog posts), one that we commonly refer to our guests is Crab Island. This submerged sandbar area is found at the mouth of Choctawhatchee Bay and can be easily seen when driving over the Destin Bridge.

The unique natural structure was actually, at one point, an island (hence the name Crab Island), but, over time, due to hurricanes and erosion, only the sandbar remains today. Ranging from 1 to 4 feet in depth, the phenomenon is a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy the Emerald Coast sunshine in the cool crystal-clear Gulf waters this region is known for. *It is important to note that if you are interested in seeing the waters at their clearest then high-tide is the ideal time for visiting. Visitors typically make a day out of their Crab Island visit, bringing plenty of supplies and games for loads of fun in the sun. To improve your island experience, there are also a wide variety of floating vendors that frequent the attraction such as floating restaurants, mobile food boats, and inflatable obstacle course parks.

Treasure Chest Waterpark

People flock to the island for a variety of reasons, and different areas of island cater to different interests. If you’re looking for a party-scene then head closer to the stage; if you’re looking for a calmer crowd then stick to the family friendly activities like the aforementioned inflatables. There are also police boats constantly patrolling the area, although the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. During the prime vacationing seasons on 30A, the island can become over-crowded with both locals and tourists alike. Therefore, you should be sure to plan out your visit and arrive at a reasonable hour to claim a spot on this distinctive sandbar.


How to get there

While Crab Island might look close to shore, swimming out to the sandbar is not an option due to the strong tide and deceiving distance. Attempting to swim is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly, so please do not do this.



Dockside Watersports Pontoon

One of the most enjoyable options to reach the island, most boat rental services offer pontoon boats due to the flexibility they provide. Quickly reach the island, bring as many supplies as you desire, and anchor your boat for a relaxing place to rest after you get worn out from all of the fun. However, you will need to have a boating license to rent from the services in the area so that it something to consider.

A few boat rental services to explore are:



Jet Ski

Crab Island Watersports JetSki

Offering a fun time to be had on their own, jet-ski rentals allow you to quickly reach Crab Island with the upside of having an additional fun activity to enjoy during your day. The benefit of having a place to rest simply cannot be overstated, although the lack of storage space available to bring supplies is a clear disadvantage to renting these entertaining vehicles.

The majority of boat rental services also offer jet-ski rentals, so please refer to the list above.



Adventure 30A Paddleboard

One of the most peaceful options to reach Crab Island, paddleboards are incredibly popular in the area because of the typically calm water within the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Santa Rosa Sound. Be aware that paddling to the sand bar will take a fair amount of time and skill, with the same lack of storage space that a jet ski offers.




Crab Island Water Taxi

Sit back and enjoy your boat ride as one of 30A’s experienced captains drives you out to Crab Island. Generally, one of the most value-friendly options, taking a ferry or cruise will transport visitors quickly to the island with services varying depending on the company you select.



What to bring

Crab Island Aerial

Plan for your day at Crab Island like you would any typical beach day, with the knowledge that you are not likely to return to your stunning luxury vacation rental for a long while. Snacks, sunblock, towels, water related games, and inflatables are all things to consider bringing to enjoy your visit to the fullest. The majority of vendors on the island do take cards, however it would be smart to take a bit of spending money just in case. The sale of alcohol is also prohibited in the area. If you are planning on enjoying a few beverages while you are there, you will need to bring them yourself. Glass is also prohibited, so please keep that in mind when packing your bag for the day.

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